Prepare yourself for the most intense and frightening night of your life as you make your way through nearly 30,000 square feet of twisting, turning and terrifying horrors.


Once you’ve entered the walls of Rigamortis you may start to experience a shortness of breath. As the door closes behind you, suddenly a cold chill starts to pass through your body. It’s at that moment you realize that you may not be leaving this place tonight and that your worst fears are starting to come true.****

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3D Experience

Put on your 3-D glasses and prepare to enter a world that seems to be in another dimension. Packed full of 3D artwork, puzzle pieces, the tunnel of doom, and of course some sinister blood thirsty creatures. Oh yes, we have also included a special surprise that is sure to make your life flash right before you. Those who have dared to enter have never seen anything like it.

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Monsters Midway

While you wait to enter the trails of Warehouse 31, you can relax at our Monsters Midway, purchase food and drinks, or watch a classic horror movie projected on a big screen. If you are feeling lucky you can play one of our many CARNIVAL games. Maybe Toxic Slam, Game of Thrones or Graveyard 31 just to name a few. We have some awesome prizes for those that DARE to win. Don't forget to get your official Warehouse 31 merchandise before you leave.